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Kefalotyri E-mail
Kefalotyri is a hard cheese formed in a cylinder of 25-50cm diameter with a solid mass and hard external covering. It has a yellowish colour with a sweet taste and is mildly salty with a pleasant characteristic flavour. It is high in nutritional value, it is rich in proteins, calcium and vitamins A, D and E and nutrients which are essential for a healthy diet. Kefalotyri is an excellent source of energy food for the elderly, lactating mothers and children, which makes it a healthy snack food and easy to serve in school lunches. Kefalotyri cheese is described as a “first cheese” to indicate that it is made with full-cream milk. The EU registration number of the dairy industries guarantees that it is produced under strict hygienic conditions and is a high quality product.

The milk is pasteurised at 72°C and left to cool to the curdling temperature. Rennetis then added and the milk curdles. After the mass is curdled it is removed and cut in weights of 10-15kgs and the curd is moved to special moulds where it is pressed and then placed in a ripening room with temperatures of 16-18°C and a relative humidity of 85-90% for about 45-60 days. Salting also takes place (4-5% of the weight of cheese). After ripening the cheese is put in refrigerators at 6-10°C until they are required. Kefalotyri can be enjoyed in many recipes such as pies, or grated as a garnish on pasta for that extra special taste. It can be served as an appetiser or in salads.