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Kashkaval together with white brine cheese are traditional dairy products produced mainly with sheep or cows milk, or in fewer quantities from goat or buffalo milk. On the market there are also products made with a mixture of the above milks.

Kashkaval is one of the most valuable and nutritious dairy products with extremely high quality taste. It contains 23-27 % full quality and easily digestive protein, 25-32% milk fat and about 3% easily digestive mineral salts.

Especially beneficial for human health are the irreplaceable amino acids that are degraded from protein and the contained short-chained fat acids. They lower the serum levels of the cholesterol and the risks of its sedimentation within the blood vessels.

Kashkaval is made from fresh milk without any additives with a specially selected bacterial strain in specially defined ratio of the microorganisms. This gives Kashkaval a special aroma and taste. Very important technological process is the curdling of the milk and for this purpose a special milk coagulation enzyme is used.

Kashkaval is a semi-hard cheese with excellent taste qualities, and is suitable for direct consumption, with vegetables or can be used as a part of many recipes for high quality culinary cooking. Kashkaval is a part of many diets concerning healthy nutrition. The modern technology used in its production and the long shelf life (10-12 months) and the high quality of Kashkaval makes this an excellent and versatile product with great taste.