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White Brine E-mail
White Brine Cheese, a product known by the ancient tribes that lived in the Balkan Peninsula, is a traditional product produced in Bulgaria with specific taste and quality parameters. The cheese was made by the households using milk from sheep, cows, goats and buffalo. The mostly preferred product was that made of sheep milk.

The mild climate, the enormous green fields and pastures with their aromatic and rich fresh vegetation in the mountainous regions turned out to be the best conditions for producing high quality milk. The white brine cheese with its slightly sour milk taste and aroma is made out of that milk.

The taste quality and the consistency of the product are achieved through an original technology and strains in which the selected micro floras like “Lactobacillus bulgaricus” have its decisive role. The degrading of proteins to easily digested forms is a serious advantage of this dairy product. Lactobacillus bulgaricus is characterized by its probiotic properties.

The probiotics have a strong anti-toxic effect and they eliminate many negative factors of modern life, which immediately results in improving of the health condition of the body and lower usage of medicines.

It is a rich source of proteins, short chain fat acids and mineral salts like calcium and potassium. The different types of cheeses contain 21-22% proteins, 24-25% milk fat, and about 1.5 % carbohydrates. The cheeses are extremely rich in Calcium – about 520mg / per 100gr of product. In the high quality products the degradable Nitrogen is about 25% of the total contents. This enables to absorb to high levels the proteins into the human body.

The bio-active ingredients (like proteins, amino acids, microelements, immune regulators etc.) are extremely healthy for the man and they influence the lively status of the organism, the normal functioning of the digestive system, the stabilization of the immune system and the suppression of development of harmful for the man microorganisms. The white brine cheese stimulates the well functioning of the digestive system.

At optimal conditions of storage, the cheese can last for more than one year. The white brine cheese is a long lasting dairy product, suitable for direct consumption, for use as a garnish for different salads, for different high temperature cooking and preparing delicious dishes.

The white brine cheese is healthy for consumption for all ages especially beneficial for children, old people and sportsmen. Made for special conditions, it was included in the food of the Russian cosmonauts.

The rational and healthy way of nutrition requires the presence of this cheese in the daily diet.