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Production Process of Anari E-mail

Anari is a soft type of cheese. The production process of Anari begins when the first stage of Halloumi processing is completed and the curd mass is removed from the whey. The whey is reheated with simultaneous mixing and when the temperature of the whey is about 65°C fresh milk called “prosgalo” is added to 5-10% of the whey and the heating continues until boiling.


The Anari curd rises to the surface and it is removed with special ladles in strainers and pressed to dry. Weights are placed on the formed curd for an hour, to assist in the straining process and then the Anari is cut into pieces of approximately 10cm x 10cm.


After straining Anari can be left unsalted or salted on the surface and consumed fresh or dried. Fresh Anari can be eaten as a fresh cheese or used in cooking such as cheesecakes or "bourekia" but as a fresh cheese it is best kept in the refrigerator. Dried Anari can be enjoyed by grating on macaroni, spaghetti and other types of pasta dishes.