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halloumiHalloumi is the most important and popular dairy product produced in the island οf Cyprus for many centuries, and is used as a part of the Mediterranean diet.

Throughout the years, halloumi is produced in the rural areas with the same traditional methods and ingredients, thus maintaining the unique organoleptic characteristics and quality.



White Brine

white-brineWhite Brine Cheese, a product known by the ancient tribes that lived in the Balkan Peninsula, is a traditional product produced in Bulgaria with specific taste and quality parameters. The cheese was made by the households using milk from sheep, cows, goats and buffalo. The mostly preferred product was that made of sheep milk.




Anari is a soft type of cheese. When the first stage of Halloumi processing is completed and the curd mass is removed from the whey, Anari processing starts. The whey is heated with simultaneous mixing and when the temperature of the whey is about 65°C fresh milk called “prosgalo” is added to 5-10% of the whey and the heating continues until boiling. The Anari curd rises to the surface and it is removed in strainers and pressed to dry.



KashkavalKashkaval is one of the most valuable and nutritious dairy products with extremely high quality taste. It contains 23-27 % full quality and easily digestive protein, 25-32% milk fat and about 3% easily digestive mineral salts.




kefalotiriKefalotyri is a hard cheese formed in a cylinder of 25-50cm diameter with a solid mass and hard external covering. It has a yellowish colour with a sweet taste and is mildly salty with a pleasant characteristic flavour. It is high in nutritional value, it is rich in proteins, calcium and vitamins A, D and E and nutrients which are essential for a healthy diet.