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Do you know the secret for long-life expectancy in Europe? Yes, you guessed right : it is EU Cheeses!!!
Welcome to our website E-mail


The “EU Cheese Please” information and promotion program is a multi-national progam on information provision and promotion of European cheeses co-financed by the E.U, the governments of Cyprus and Bulgaria, the Pancyprian Organisation of Cattle Farmers (POCF) Public Ltd and the Bulgarian Association of Dairy Processors (BADP).

Our organisations are working collaboratively and with great pride to introduce a selection of our best European Cheeses for you... the consumers of Russia and the Ukraine.

Our cheeses; Halloumi, White Brine Cheese, Kefalotyri, Anari and Kashkaval all have distinctive characteristics and are made under strict and rigorous European controls. All of our cheeses are flavoursome, nutritious and can be enjoyed by all ages, at any time and for any meal.

Our website provides much information regarding our cheeses, such as from the “farm to the fork” that is, from production process through to delicious recommendations of how to best enjoy our cheeses. We hope that you get the opportunity to try our delicious recipes.

We have also included a section on Marketing and Promotion. Here you can trace and track the activities of our program. We hope that you enjoy surfing through our website but mostly, we hope that you enjoy our European cheeses.

Should you require any further information regarding the European cheeses in this program please contact our organisations. Just click on "Contact".

Enjoy our European Cheeses Please!


Nutritional value E-mail
granpa-1Learn more about the nutritional composition and value of our products.

Protein, fat, energy and Ca for every 100 grams of halloumi, white brine, anari, kashkaval and kefalotyri.

Quality & Certifications E-mail

farmer-1Quality is controlled through compulsory European Union and World Organisation for Animal Health standards.

All manufacturers are registered under the competent authorities and apply the HACCP quality system.



Recommendations, recipes & ideas E-mail
Here you can find a number of mouth-watering recipes to enjoy our cheeses.


Production process E-mail

Learn how our cheeses are produced.

Production processes well known for centuries, with today's high standards and modernisation of production.