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Halloumi is the most important and popular dairy product produced in the island οf Cyprus for many centuries, and is used as a part of the Mediterranean diet.

Throughout the years, halloumi is produced in the rural areas with the same traditional methods and ingredients, thus maintaining the unique organoleptic characteristics and quality. The same high quality halloumi cheese is produced today in the technologically advanced dairy industries which implement the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system.

Today the production of halloumi is achieved not only with the use of milk from healthy animals, but together with highly controlled dairy industry processes which are registered within the competent authorities.

Halloumi is produced from sheep’s and/or goat’s milk, with or without the addition of cow’s milk provided that there is any quantity of sheep’s and/or goat’s milk.  The different types of milk that are in the production of halloumi are indicated on the label of the product in descending order of proportion. Milk is standardized and pasteurized and is curdled with calf rennet or microbial rennet. The drained curd is pressed and cut into cubes. After drying the pieces of Halloumi are salted and mixed with leaves of Menta Viridis (mint). The pieces of halloumi curd are folded until cooled for shaping and are placed in brine tanks for 2 days at 4-8oC and then removed from the brine and packed in vacuum plastic bags in individual pieces.

Halloumi has the ability to be preserved perfectly even for up to 2 months in temperatures below 4 oC. In addition can be frozen and preserved for 1 year in -14 oC. Halloumi is vacuum packed and packages carry a quality mark and a registration number of the European Union that guarantees its production under hygienic conditions and is a high quality product.

Halloumi can be enjoyed in a number of ways:

  • Halloumi can be cooked under a hot oven, grill or on charcoal until it turns a light golden brown colour and inside the cheese softens. This is the most popular way it is enjoyed.
  • Halloumi can be lightly fried in oil or butter on its own as an appetiser. It is also very popular sliced and fried with bacon and eggs or with an egg omelette.
  • Halloumi slices can be enjoyed fresh in sandwiches as a snack food and also with tomato and cucumber during breakfast or in the afternoon.
  • It is very refreshing with slices of melon, watermelon, grapes and figs.
  • It is used us filling for ravioli and other sweet and savoury pastries (pizza and Halloumi pies) and is wonderful grated on macaroni and also small cubes in trachana soup.

Halloumi is the only cheese in the world that is so versatile that it can be used in so many ways.